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We’ve Moved!

You can find the Chemo Caps pattern here.



24 thoughts on “We’ve Moved!

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  5. Wonderful pattern. I’m going to make a few for the City of Hope. I try to make 3 or 4 hats a month to drop off when I see my doctor. I just finished chemo last May. I wanted to just remind the wonderful people who knit and crochet these hats that your local cancer center also needs child size hats and hats for men. Also most centers like to give the children going thru chemo a special blanket that they can use as security during treatments. My daughters buy fleece and make simple tie end blankets for the kids.

  6. Thanks for the pattern , I’m going to print the pattern to make it for the cancer so far I have made 25 caps for the cancer center and 50 caps for the orphanage this year. I want to try a different pattern and this one will be great. thanks Alicia

    • That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for stopping by and using this pattern to bless others.

      Please let us know if you have success printing the pattern. Some of our readers are having trouble and I can’t figure out why that’s happening.


  7. I started crocheting caps for chemo patients in 203 when I was recovering from cancer myself. I branched out to making scarves, lap robes, slippers and whatever called to me when I picked up my crochet hook and yarn. Persons wanting to donate caps they make should check with their local Women’s health center or Oncologist office, or even the hospital to find out where to take their finished items. It’s a gratifying hobby. I look forward to making a few of these caps to add to my own designs. thanks. Margaret

    • Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for stopping by! I am so happy you will add these caps to your collection of designs you use to help women. Thanks also for the tips on where to bring finished items.


  8. I JUST got word I am done with chemo and moving on for radiation. I love to crochet and look very forward to making one of these for myself (first to practice) and then for others at our Regional Cancer Center…in my effort to pay it forward…all the love and support I received during my battle. Thanks for sharing the pattern with everyone 🙂

    • Hello Holly,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Please let us know how you like the pattern. Congratulations on finishing chemo and thank you for using this pattern to pay it forward. I’m so glad you received so much love and support during your fight.


  9. Thanks for this pattern. I have a friend who is going through chemo and radiation every day for 6 weeks. She has stage 4 lung cancer. I have been looking for a good pattern to make her a couple of chemo hats.

    Thanks again.

    PS I am a breast cancer survivor myself.

  10. Just wanted to let you know my daughter is in Girl Scouts and for her Gold Award she is crocheting caps for cancer victims. This looks like an easy pattern for her and the other girls in our troop to try. I will be making the caps as well so I’ll try this pattern first. It has been hard finding a pattern that is easy for beginners and has a little style as well.

    • I am so happy to hear this! Let me know if you have questions as you work up the pattern.


    • That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I will add that to the post to give people an idea for where they could donate.

  11. I’m looking forward to making this hat & many more of them to give to women who are going through chemo, please tell me where do i send the finished hats? I also want you to know what a blessing you are to people going through chemo.

    • Thank you so much, June. We really hope to bless as many women as possible. Any woman going through chemo needs to be surrounded by people who will make her feel like a queen.

      You can choose where to send the finished caps. I can help you find a local place nearest to you, or you can send them to The Dancing Sheep Yarn & Fiber in Casper, WY which is my local place. You could also send them to someone you know.

      Let me know how I can help!


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